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Book a 30min coaching session with Coach Ap

Coach Ap wants to give you access to a new dimension!

What you'll get:

  • Book a consultation with Coach Ap and learn how to monetize your internet experience through video content!

    In this 1 on 1 consultation via Zoom or phone you get to pick the brain of a media genius and find out answers to questions you've always had.  Learn from a pro who's reached billions of viewers through creating viral videos on the internet.

    Coach Ap will not only motivate you but help you find your niche within the video space.  Once finding your niche a discussion of how to generate revenue will help you visualize the potential of your niche.  After which Coach Ap will offer advice on the proper tools needed to help you succeed and be well on your way to building your own empire straight from your computer/phone!

    Book your consultation now!

    Here's what you could be learning during your consultation with Coach Ap

    -Find out the top viewing categories for online video content

    -Find out which category best fits your liking and skill set

    -How to structure your videos effectively

    -Engage with your audience

    -Following trends

    -Optimize videos and your channel

    -Creating good video titles and descriptions

    -How to make the right thumbnails for your videos

    -How to make a great video

    -Video editing tips and tricks

    -How to make your viewers addicted to your videos

    -How to build your community

    -Tips and tricks for increasing your brand awareness and building hype

    -Creating series and playlist

    -Video Scheduling

    -How to beat algorithms

    -How to measure user satisfaction

    -Good video tags

    -Tips for growing revenue

[*Courses come with 12 month access if purchased individually]